Find Your Voice, Heal & Thrive

As a woman, creating a life that reflects your values, potential, and dreams can be challenging. Painful life experiences, limitations, and genetic factors can cause us to lose connection with ourselves and in our relationships, leaving us to feel hurt, lost, and alone. On top of this inner battle, there are added pressures on us to do it all; work full time, care for children, and take care of the house, all while having a perfect figure and have energy left at the end of the day. It can be difficult to talk about how these unrealistic pressures impact us, often making us feel isolated and left to believe there is something wrong with us. And that’s when we lose sight of our wonderful, unique selves, eventually losing trust to make the decisions that fuel and inspire us to be who we long to be.

It can be difficult to ask for help, but for significant changes to happen in our lives, we need the support to powerfully take charge. Change is possible and our trained counselors, therapists, and support team can help you find the strength to live in a more meaningful, authentic, and inspiring way.

Divinely Nourishing Your Inner Strengths and Creative Purpose

Do you believe you can live a better life, but do not know how to get there? Wisdom From Within can help. With life’s constant twists and turns, we can often feel isolated and disconnected from others, even from ourselves at times. We often have a vision of how we would like to be living in the world but may feel like it is not being actualized. We may feel lost and like there is nowhere to turn, losing hope for our vision altogether, and bringing out self-judgment and the inner emotion of feeling like we are not good enough. Many women feel defeated and believe there is nothing they can do to change, so why bother. Other times, we feel angry that we keep going back to the same old patterns of living, knowing that they are not working but not knowing healthier ways.

In the darkness of all these emotions, we must come to a point where we are willing to make changes in order to connect deeper with our life and purpose. Let us help you to make the needed changes so that you can begin to live the life you have been dreaming of.


  • To practice self-compassion
  • Uncover strengths and gifts
  • Greater sense of confidence
  • Heal relationship with inner child
  • Feel more connected to your sensual and sexual nature

At Wisdom From Within, our therapeutic process in individual counseling involves meeting together to determine what it is that you would like to work on, so we can develop an understanding of how we can best work together. During the first few sessions, we collect information about your current life, your strengths, resources, current patterns, and about the family you grew up in. After this, we share our observations and we will begin addressing what we believe is your presenting issue(s) so that you can start to feel better. With every session, we will work together to ensure that you feel safe, supported and comfortable through the therapeutic process. Although it is normal to want to know how many sessions you will require, it is often difficult to determine, based on every unique individual.

If what you’re looking for is change, begin your journey today. Contact us for your free 20-minute consult and let us help you make a change.