1. I Appreciate Her Support

    I appreciate Tanya’s patience and her comfort with my silence as I sort through my feelings while trying to make sense of them and articulate them. I appreciate how she pushes me from time to time to help me identify my feelings and how she catches me when I turn judgmental and critical toward myself. I appreciate how she supports my mental images and how she provides encouragement for me to pur…Read More

    Thankful Client
  2. Grounding & Highly Personalized

    My work with Tanya is grounding and highly personalized. I feel that she cares for me as an individual, and she truly wants to see me live my life as a fully healed person. She is encouraging, she supports me beyond sessions by sending me videos and readings, and she is genuinely interested in my overall health – mental, spiritual and physical. She is non-judgemental, accepting and encouraging. …Read More

    Thankful Client
  3. Grateful Every Day

    Being trapped in abuse at the hands of another person for most of my adult life I thought my life would end that way. Sometimes I wished it would, the sooner the better. Surviving is one step forward. Healing through learning to appreciate myself was the next big challenge. Thanks to Tanya’s ability to guide me through the intricate and challenging journey to self-discovery I have a renewed joy …Read More

    Woman - 50s, Langley, BC
  4. Genuinely Caring

    The day I stepped into Tanya’s office, I was a mess. I had overdosed, two weeks before, trying to kill myself. I had just came out of the Adolescent Psychiatric Unit, I was a cocaine addict, alcoholic, suicidal, as well as selling myself and living on the streets. I went in with very low expectations, assuming she would be like every other counselor I've ever had: Just sitting there and nodding …Read More

    17 Year Old Girl
  5. Comfortable From the Beginning

    Mom: "I would highly recommend Tanya Johnson as a counsellor. She saw our family of five. She was very caring and genuinely concerned about our family. We would look forward to our weekly visit to her because she was so positive. She would come up with many options for us and we were sad to see her go. We would love to see her again someday." Dad: "She was a caring, compassionate counsellor, she w…Read More

    Family Of Five
  6. Gentle Guidance

    I have felt quite a bit better since I have been talking to you, more at peace. I have also felt more open "to go with the flow" in many aspects of my life, asking myself "why not?" when something new has come up, before replying, often in a positive way. I noticed that in doing this I have experienced pretty neat things. I have been able to communicate better with my husband about things he has d…Read More

    Woman - Business Owner
  7. She Really Understood Me

    When I first started seeing Tanya, I was an unhappy, angry, eighteen-year-old social work student. I was cutting myself, having panic attacks and definitely at the worst place in my life. I was petrified. Forced into attending therapy by the supervisor at my summer job, I really was not interested in opening up to someone I’d never met. The first great thing about Tanya, was that she didn’t ma…Read More

    Woman - Social Worker
  8. Helpful and Enlightening

    Working with Tanya has been both helpful and enlightening. She has made me feel comfortable from the beginning and her approach is one of calm and sensitivity. I always come away from a session with something useful, whether it is a new technique for dealing with an issue or a different way of learning to look at a situation. Tanya is helping me to improve my life and through her counseling, I am …Read More

    Stay At Home Mother
  9. Thank You Tanya

    I am a man in my 40's, grew up with an abusive parent and had more trauma later in life. When I first started therapy I had a not so good experience with a therapist, so I had lost my trust in therapy as well. Not knowing where to start I was lucky to meet Tanya. She helped me to give the fear and anger in me a place, so I could start solving problems instead of ignoring them. Thank you, Tanya.…Read More

    Man, Business Owner
  10. Positive and Encouraging

    From 2006 to 2007 I had the privilege of conducting co-therapy with Tanya Johnson at the Aurora Family Therapy Centre in Winnipeg. At the time, I was only completing a second year of supervision while Tanya was completing her fourth and final year. I recount this experience as a privilege in that Tanya proved to be the best mentor a budding therapist in training could ever have. Her open and colla…Read More

    Gary B. - B.Ed., M.M.F.T