She Really Understood Me

When I first started seeing Tanya, I was an unhappy, angry, eighteen-year-old social work student. I was cutting myself, having panic attacks and definitely at the worst place in my life. I was petrified. Forced into attending therapy by the supervisor at my summer job, I really was not interested in opening up to someone I’d never met. The first great thing about Tanya, was that she didn’t make me feel like a stranger.

The second great thing about Tanya, was that I felt like she really understood me at a core level. I’m great at “putting on a show” for the world, but she cut right through that to what was going on inside of me. She was able to ask the hard questions, which encouraged me to explore my inner world, without making me feel too pressured or unsafe.

Great thing number three about Tanya, was that I felt truly cared for. I thought of Tanya as a guide on my journey towards being a healthy, stable and happy person. Her caring manner led me to places I never thought I’d go and helped me turn into the social worker I am today. Saying goodbye to Tanya, when our sessions ended was something very difficult to do, however the work we did together prepared me to take on the world ‘on my own’. As I work with my own clients as a counsellor and advocate, I know that the self esteem, self confidence and stress management skills I developed while working with Tanya give me a strong foundation to be fully present, caring, and understanding.

Woman - Social Worker