Positive and Encouraging

From 2006 to 2007 I had the privilege of conducting co-therapy with Tanya Johnson at the Aurora Family Therapy Centre in Winnipeg. At the time, I was only completing a second year of supervision while Tanya was completing her fourth and final year. I recount this experience as a privilege in that Tanya proved to be the best mentor a budding therapist in training could ever have. Her open and collaborative style of working with others was contagious and afforded me a rich and rewarding learning opportunity in my work with clients. From the beginning, Tanya demonstrated a positive and encouraging disposition that motivated me to self-reflect and think about my therapeutic practice. Her non-threatening stance allowed me to always feel safe and gave me permission to examine and explore my work as a therapist. I am grateful to Tanya for sharing and modeling a number of therapeutic strategies and interventions in her work with clients. I know I benefited greatly just observing her interact and build an alliance with her clients. Tanya is highly skilled, conscientious and invested in her commitment to help those who seek her services.

I have witnessed first hand her ability to gently guide her clients to greater levels of self-awareness and to empower them to consider new and innovative ways to address the presenting problem. Tanya is quick to establish mutual trust and respect in her relationships all while practicing clear and direct communication in a safe environment. As a former co-therapist and colleague, I would have no hesitation recommending Tanya Johnson to those seeking the services of a marriage and family therapist.

Gary B. - B.Ed., M.M.F.T