Genuinely Caring

The day I stepped into Tanya’s office, I was a mess. I had overdosed, two weeks before, trying to kill myself. I had just came out of the Adolescent Psychiatric Unit, I was a cocaine addict, alcoholic, suicidal, as well as selling myself and living on the streets. I went in with very low expectations, assuming she would be like every other counselor I’ve ever had: Just sitting there and nodding her pretty head. Her approach to my situation was not one I had experienced before. She befriended me, genuinely caring and wanting to help in every way she could. It did not feel like a cliché therapist and patient relationship.

While seeing Tanya, I decided to continue with my habits. Despite me preaching on how I wanted to stop them. When in reality I wanted to continue doing drugs and drinking. Even though I told Tanya that I was on my way to being clean and really trying. I am sure she saw right through my lies. The interesting part though was that she never told me to stop, she never made me do anything. Everything was optional. She never forced me to quit, she let me learn through my mistakes. Guided me along the way to recovery. Never once judged me and always understood what I was going through. I believe that’s what makes a great therapist. Someone who is there for you as a friend. Rather than entering an office and feeling as if you’re under a microscope. I truly had no positive experiences with therapy before Tanya. Not only did she help by giving resources, but also by opening my eyes to see how strong of a person I am. That I can get through any hurdles life throws at me. She helped me by realizing ways that I can help myself and be independent. I am proud to say that I am now over a year clean and that it was all from the love and care Tanya gave me.

17 Year Old Girl