Gentle Guidance

I have felt quite a bit better since I have been talking to you, more at peace. I have also felt more open “to go with the flow” in many aspects of my life, asking myself “why not?” when something new has come up, before replying, often in a positive way. I noticed that in doing this I have experienced pretty neat things.

I have been able to communicate better with my husband about things he has done that have bothered me, working on expressing them shortly after they happened (when I am a bit more detached from them, not in the heat of the moment). I feel calm when I talk to him and keep my ears open to his reply. My main focus has been to let him know why something has bothered me and bring up analogies to explain it from a perspective that’s closer to his way of being/thinking. My goal is not be right at all cost, just to express my feelings.

I thank you for your gentle guidance, it was really great going thru this process. Sometimes I felt you helped me discover answers to my questions that were already inside me, like opening a drawer where this knowledge is stored within myself, instead of coming from the outside. It was very easy to open up with you.

Woman - Business Owner