One to One Counselling

Show up for yourself with soft courage, fierce vulnerability & unwavering determination with our unique 1:1 holistic therapy sessions.

We support soulful women like you, to live with powerful inner peace and courageous self-confidence through our deeply personal approach to your healing journey.

If you’re looking for a traditional counsellor we’re likely not for you.

But if you’re looking to be creatively initiated into your wise, wild and mythic self, then welcome to your newest adventure of a lifetime.

We’re here for you, to guide you through:

Your sacred and stormy initiation onto the path of soul-full living

To remind you that the intense chaos you’re facing right now is the wise way of the sacred feminine

To help you heed the call back home to your own wild and luminous nature

To awaken the delight of your souls calling

To help you set yourself free

This is for you if:
You’re being pushed past your thresholds to awaken, to shake away what’s no longer serving you.
Your discomfort is showing you it’s time for transformation, to finally harvest the seeds of your visionary dreams.

Do you long to feel balanced, energized and nourished by your life?
Let us help you get there.

Individual sessions with women are the heart of WFW.

We understand your need to be seen, heard and adored for the incredible woman that you are.
Alongside you we build you up, nurturing you from the inside out, unlocking your unlimited potential.

What does working with WFW look like?

Together we’ll connect you back to your body’s internal knowing, lovingly transforming your life story, from disempowering to victorious.    

Time and again we’ve witnessed miracles unfold from women just like you.

“She learns to navigate the flow of her internal rivers and valleys, honouring her mountainous feelings, attuning to her lush body rhythms and lunar cycles. The whole world opens before her, she becomes free to be herself, a radiant holder of her own possibility.” 

We place the highest value on the things most important to you, so we can exceed your needs. Offering you wise, intuitive, deep holding of your soul, you’ll be able to unearth a magical pathway to your own divine guidance.

What’s stopping you?
We know that you’re profoundly affected by your relationships with those closest to you.
We can all get stuck in old patterns of hurt, suffering and pain.
We offer healing sessions, to strengthen and deepen your relationships with your partner or other family members alongside individual sessions to create more holistic harmony in your life.  

No matter what path you take we’re here to champion you so that you feel deeply supported, as you explore, releasing what’s needed to be able to fully receive yourself.

Our Process
Our seaside sanctuary is your soulful place for healing.
A warm cup of tea, blankets placed on our comfy couch, low lights and candles.
We believe that having a safe space to open up provides you with the energy you need to relax, renew and rejuvenate.
Entering into our lovingly cleansed haven, you’ll breathe a little deeper, taking in the healing salty ocean air, relaxing peacefully into yourself.

Our beautiful home away from home creates the setting for your ultimate healing experience.

Our cozy mediation area offers restorative balancing through sound healing, guided journeys, and mindful movement.

We’ve taken care of all of the details to create the right atmosphere for you to embark on your WAY BACK HOME TO YOURSELF.

Our Offerings
1 session $159
3 sessions $429
6 sessions $849
9 sessions $1249
12 sessions $1629

Our typical sessions run for 60 minutes and are conducted in person or online, depending on your needs. 

To embrace your light you must first liberate your dark. 
We hold the torch as you journey through your darkness, so you that you can finally feel the radiance of your light.
If you’re ready to open your heart and set the radiant goddess within you free, click the orange button below to get in touch.