What is a Healing Circle?

A Healing Circle is a group of people who gather together in the shape of a circle with a clear intention of healing. The circle represents life’s continuation with no beginning and no ending. Each healing circle is uniquely created based upon the intentions and goals of the group, or an individual being honored.

There is preparation that needs to be done before a healing circle is conducted. The space must be purified, allowing for the maximum healing benefits. It is important to have a clear understanding of the goals and hopes for the healing circle, including:

Healing Circles allow people to share in healing, benefiting from the collective energy of the group, while supporting each individual to grow and strengthen themselves. Healing Circles were traditionally First Nations ceremonies that brought people together in the spirit of healing, friendship, and community.

There is sanctity within Healing Circles that offers people solitude and retreat, while simultaneously respecting the group’s therapeutic process. Healing Circles focus on physical, emotional, and spiritual issues. There may be one person who is focused on during a Healing Circle or each member of the group may be asking for healing.

Healing Circles can be a one-time event, offered in times of crisis or when deep repair is needed, or they may be a monthly ritual to allow healing to deepen.

Sacred Wisdom Women’s Circles: Embody your sensuality with help from the divine goddess

This is an invitation to you, sacred woman. ou sense you’re ready to awaken to the vast wilderness of feminine essence and wisdom that is deep within you. You’re ready to birth your sacred seed of purpose. You long to live the way of the everyday goddess and feel her deep in your bones. You desire to bridge divine feminine creative energy into your everyday life, igniting your heart and soul to birth your dreams into being.

  • Are you ready to embark on a voyage into the divinity of who you really are? To become grounded in and claim your infinite womb power? To uncover the magnificence of your deepest desires? It is your time to shine, sister. It is your time to connect with the sensuality that you have put on hold.
  • Do you long for a conscious community of women in your life who celebrate nature, nurture each other, and are connected to healing the world with open and conscious hearts?
  • Do you desire deeper intention and meaning in your life around your life cycles and transitions and long to celebrate and honor life with divine intention and sacred ceremony?

If you felt a BIG YES to the questions above, I invite you to become a part of the everyday goddess movement where we come together in a circle each Thursday of the new moon and full moon cycles. Come reconnect with your long lost tribe.

What are Sacred Women’s Wisdom Circles?

Sacred Women’s Wisdom Circles are celebrations that honor wild creation wisdom, through intentionally coming together in a circle to cultivate deep healing practices that honor sacred femininity and its ability to heal. Meditation, singing, chanting, yoga, dance, rituals, plant medicines, and connecting from within will be practiced while we honor each other as a collective tribe of sacred wisdom sisters, awakening to our own unique inner goddess wisdom.

These Sacred Women’s Wisdom Circles bow deeply to the sacred masculine, offering gratitude as we honor the power and presence the masculine holds, recognizing there is not one more supreme than the other, but that each offer their own unique qualities. We are appreciative of the fact that true alchemy can only come when both the sacred masculine and feminine within us and within our world are healed, honored, and cultivated. We welcome all parts of ourselves into the circle as we embody wild goddess wisdom.

Sacred Wisdom Vision

The vision of Sacred Wisdom Women’s Circles is to support millions of people to understand, honor and welcome the way of the sacred feminine as a powerful and intragal part of healing the world. We aim to heal generations of past, present and future, through healing the sacred feminine and sacred masculine within ourselves.


  • Heal the effects from painful childhood
  • Uncover strengths and gifts
  • Transform pain into gifts

Healing Circles Offered For

  • Healing after a death in the family
  • Couples who need to heal their relationship
  • A family in need of healing
  • Healthcare professionals in order to prevent burnout
  • A healthier workplace environment
  • A loved one who is ill
  • Members of a community with a common interest in healing
  • Members of a group who are struggling with similar issues
  • Teens and young adults’ rites of passage
  • Red Tent (menstruation) ceremonies
  • Mothers Blessings for new mothers to be
  • Baby Blessing for new little lives
  • When someone is dying