Sacred Wisdom Sisterhood

A Nine Month Journey

Deep in my bones, I have been feeling you, sister. You know something is holding you back in your life right now, stopping you from stepping forth with your sacred offerings. And yet, I feel that you are ready to break free with every ounce of my being. I am excited to announce that I am answering a deep soul calling meant to call in 12 powerful women who ready to powerfully transform.

Sacred sister, you long to come back to the wisdom of your body. You long to come home to yourself through intimate connection with other sisters. But you are scared. You have been taught to shut down, to shut off your spark, and to blend into your surroundings. Your sensuality has been dimmed, and you have been careful not to ignite fires. But there is a flickering within you that you can no longer ignore. It is time to rise, sister. You feel it.

Sisters, I have been digging deep to create a powerful, nine-step process for awakening and birthing your sacred gifts and divine offerings into the world that combines all of the best knowledge, experiences and inner wisdom that I have accumulated over the past 16 years of being a therapist, mediator, mystic mama, world traveller, spiritual seeker, cosmic dancer, poetic writer, wilderness diver, archetype, goddess, visionary, midwife of soul connection, weaver of darkness and light, and connector of the divine masculine and sacred feminine.

I am offering a nine month journey for 12 exceptional goddesses who are ready to powerfully come home to themselves and be the change they are dedicated to be in our world. It will involve the opportunity to do in-depth individual work with me, as well as for all of your visions to be held in sacred sisterhood with circles and retreats that allow us to dive deep together.


  • Explore the beauty of your rage and the power beneath it?
  • Connect with your inner child and heal wounds?
  • Welcome your dark shadows and the pleasure behind them?
  • Unleash your inner shaman priestess as you become initiated into your highest self?
  • Birth your visionary dreams to life, igniting and moving with your infinitely creative potential?

With my experience, I can help you to:

  • Release limiting beliefs about who you think you are to create space for the radiant woman inside to unfold
  • Let go of the “perfect good girl” so that you can emerge into the ripe and beautiful woman you were meant to be
  • Claim the wild terrains of your true nature through exploration of goddesses and archetypes
  • Create a new empowered version of your story and take action to bring it into your life

If you feel inspired and ready to commit to yourself, I would love to connect to share more about this unique opportunity for you. I am offering a free, 90-minute exploratory session to help you to get a deeper sense of this offering so you can feel if it is right for you.

Following the moon cycles

We will honor the moon cycles as you set intentions to help you let go of what is getting in your way. You will learn more about your deepest desires, connect with your creative essence, and bring more of what you want into your life. Your imagination holds the key to move you towards the infinite possibilities of your greatest life possible. Our lives are far too complex to digest, but when we begin to work with myth and our imaginative visions, we connect to something profound within us. We will delve through inner journeying of myth, metaphor, meditation, dance, and sound healing to support your deep connection to your soul. Life changes and transitions will be celebrated with a personalized ceremony. Your soul is always communicating with you, learn to listen.

What if the pain, anxiety, critical self-talk and sadness you’re facing doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with you? What if it means you’re being called to awaken to the woman you were meant to be?

Deep within your soul, sacred sister, you hear a song calling you to dance like you’ve never danced before. Somewhere inside there’s a longing for you to move into your luminous nature, feral and free.

Only what’s showing up now in your life is a harsh reality. Rudely, you’re being pushed against the thresholds of your boundaries. Discomfort and pain make things uncomfortable and you feel troubled, like you shouldn’t be in this place. It seems like you’re being tested to your core and you aren’t sure how to face it all.

Your emotions are rattled and they’re throwing you into a frenzy of confusion. All of your previous beliefs about the world are swirling around your ever-alert mind. Everything you thought you knew is being called into question. Everything.

You sense the answers reside somewhere within you but are nowhere to be found. As though you are somehow outside of yourself, looking in without a key. You feel there’s more to life, rich textures and colorful layers that are not making their way into your experience. It all seems like too much. You find yourself retreating into old familiar habits, habits that you know are not serving you. But you are stuck and see no way out.

You think there must be something wrong with you. Surely there must be a defect in your core, creating this uneasy internal storm.

But what if everything happening within you is right? What if this chaos is the way it needs to be to wake you up? What if it’s the path of the divine sacred feminine calling forth to you, strongly beckoning you to listen and come home to her? She is supporting you to break free from the illusions you have been living with all these years. She is there to support you, sister. She has been all along.

Finally, beautiful sister, you are ready to experience all of the power, pleasure, and potential that you possess. You were meant to shine, to weave your unique medicine, to honor your entire being, to take hold of your inner landscape, while allowing your soul to soar inside blissful waves. You were sent here on a mission and you’re ready to awaken. The world needs you. Right now.

Sacred sister, it is my mission to love and support you in whatever way I can. I want to serve you so that you can be in the world the way you were intended. I am here to help you rewrite your story and to uncover your strength and courage so that you can finally be your own hero. When we can look back on our lives with love and compassion, we are able to see it with new eyes and create a new story. Our new story becomes central in connecting us to our infinite wisdom. The world is a better place because you are in it, love, and now the world is ready to receive all of you.

You are kind and giving by nature. You are a loyal and loving friend. You can sit with anyone in pain and be able to be with them and love them where they are. People are naturally drawn to you.

But who supports you, lovely sister? You find that you are exhausted and need another way to be in the world. It’s vital for you to learn to start caring for yourself the way you so loving do for others.

It’s time to create practices that help you to draw upon the ancient wisdom you were born with and to protect yourself from people who are draining you. Let’s heal the sister wound and find support and love with a group of sisters.


1.Describe the highlights from your experiences and what you have taken away from it.

I can think of two highlights from my experiences. First, the connection with an element of myself that was very seldom explored beforehand. This opened a new perspective of what it means to journey inward, and I took away a feeling that I could reconnect with on my own. It acted as a kind of light or beacon for me to better understand how deeply I was connecting. The second was the understanding that my soul has a home and that it can be accessed given the right kind of atmosphere. I took away a deeper appreciation for stillness, silence, and solitude and how they work in concert to help create the conditions for my soul to become more evident.

2. What made this different from other therapy/healing work that you have done in the past?

It was highly personalized. Tanya spent considerable time thinking carefully about my individuality and the kinds of meditations that would resonate well with me on a personal level. The experience was designed specifically for me, which was positive not only because of the interactions and discussions, but also because it underscored how truly important my healing was to Tanya.

3. Describe how this experience has supported your unique needs and goals for therapy.

My unique needs were supported because Tanya was able to identify the source of my pain and help me work through the feelings I was holding onto for decades. The approach was gentle and almost imperceptible at times because it affected me in a non-cognitive way that drew on emotions and feelings that were operating at a deep level.

4. How does the more intensive 5-hour session compare to regular, shorter, sessions?

It is much more holistic in the sense that it incorporates a broader emotional perspective that is open to subtle changes that surface based on conversations and unexpected explorations. The 5-hour sessions allow me to look deeper into a specific area that may surface without jeopardizing the overarching source of pain or discomfort. In other words, the additional time opens space for diversions and tangents while still leaving enough time to address the root.

5. How would you describe your experience to someone who has never done this before?

I would say that it is an exploration of your spiritual centre that draws you into a soulful journey; an exploration of the sources of your hurt and pain in a safe environment supported by the comfort and encouraging support of an exceptionally caring person.

6. Describe what it was like to work with Tanya in this more intensive setting? What kind of facilitator/guide is she?

I feel blessed to have worked with Tanya in this kind of intensive setting. She is exceptionally caring and is truly dedicated to helping people find their own healing pathway. She is sensitive to the trauma that people experience without expressing any judgement. She is patient and has the knack for asking the right question at the right time without coming across as having the answer already identified. She helps you find your own truth and gives you the space you need to uncover it by yourself as you slowly gain the realization that an alternate pathway in life may very well serve you better than the one you are currently on.

7. This was a time and financial commitment for you. Please share how you overcame potential obstacles to attend and if it was worth your time and money to do so.

For me, it was an understanding that I knew I could not address my hurt and pain on my own and that, despite my best efforts and a commitment to “working on myself”. I knew that I needed spiritual guidance. I did not know how to approach the kind of healing I needed, but I trusted Tanya’s philosophy and the way she consistently interacted with me during my shorter individual sessions with her.