Welcome Sacred Warrior Sister,

How would YOU be different if your harsh inner critic wasn’t leading the way?

You know, that inner voice that tugs at your essence with false direction, tirelessly nagging you. Waking you at night, whispering that you that you are not good enough. Not pretty enough. Not successful enough. Not spiritual enough. Who would you be if you could let go of the pain and the walls inside of you? Imagine befriending the sweet contours of your body, loving yourself unconditionally, connecting to your unique sacred gifts. Are you ready to create a different relationship with that harsh inner voice?

Imagine awakening a stronger, more powerful inner voice that connects you to your deepest source of wisdom.

TRANSFORM your inner critic into a SACRED WARRIOR who honours and protects you with fierce love and support.

How is your inner critic leading you astray in your life right now? Does it stop you from trying new things? Do you avoid following your dreams? Does it try to keep you playing small? I can tell you that it likely stops you from connecting deep within yourself, with your true nature and infinite inner wisdom. It keeps you scared and in a constant state of anxiety, looking everywhere but within for the “right” answers.

You already have all of the answers you are seeking you just need to be able to access them. But First, you must deal with your inner critic.

What would you do with the TIME and FREEDOM that would open to you from a supportive inner voice?

You have visions of living your life as a sacred warrior. One who knows her worth, leading from inner strength and self-confidence. You trust change is possible you just don’t know how to get there. I can help. The gateway to healing the inner critic can be accessed by following 7 powerfully simple steps that I will share with you in this transformative e-course. With intentional daily practices you will learn to renovate that critical voice inside of your head from a hurtful worrier to a sacred warrior.

Committing to these practices will ignite your inner voice, transforming it into a SUPPORTER who has your back and is confident in YOU leading the way. As you embark on this path of Sacred Warrior Training may you rise to Awaken the amazing woman that you are meant to be. Welcome beautiful.

With Reverence and Love,
Wisdom From Within

Who is the Sacred Warrior in training?

A Sacred Warrior is born to yield her power with confidence and compassion. She faces challenges and has flaws like the rest of us, having lived a life many would define as painful and difficult. Always feeling as though she did not quite fit in. Values are important to her, she cares deeply for those she loves, and often strong advocates on their behalf. She is hard on herself as she has high expectations of the woman she desires to be, knowing more is possible for her. Understanding that she has a life purpose larger than herself, and a deep desire to fulfil it, she sets out to discover her sacred gifts. The difficult experiences she has gone through have made her strong and resilient, though she may not know it yet. In fact, it may be these hurtful things that are causing her pain and heartache in her current life. One day the pain of living her life as it is becomes too much to bear and sacred warrior is pushed to follow a new path. Though it is her birthright, she must be initiated into her role of the sacred warrior. It is not until she is ready that her voyage of claiming her sacred warrior standing unfolds.

Uncovering her true worth, she opens to accept and receive all of the gifts she was born with. Boldly seizing her strength, honouring her boundaries, she clearly uses her radiance/voice to compassionately engage in life. Open and free, loving herself unconditionally, she engages life in a way that inspires her to live in truth and integrity. Though she may sometimes stray from the path, once a sacred warrior uncovers her soul’s purpose she has connected with an internal compass that will lead her back to herself again and again, whenever needed. ( maybe John Odonohue quote, or butterfly quote)

What does the Sacred Warrior Path look like?

The path of the sacred warrior is unique to each woman, but common themes emerge to help us discover our need for a life more in alignment with who we are. Our past ways of living become too painful and we can no longer carry on. This path does not reveal anything that does not already exist within us. Instead, it uncovers the magic and mystery of our being that has been patiently waiting to unfold. Helping us to uncover our divine nature. The best treasure one could find.

When entering the path of the Sacred Warrior one must be willing to let go of old patterns and open to spiritual awakening. The seed of her purpose cracks open, unfolding within her. Courage and determination are her companions in embarking upon a new path. She is tired of her old ways of living, ready to uncover her strength and live a life loving and respecting herself.

Step by step she moves in the direction of her souls unfolding. The sacred path is a circular spiral that is always connected, sometimes revealing the same lesson several times, but at deeper levels. At first, it is difficult to measure one’s growth until one day the changes become so much a part of your being that you cannot remember what it was like to live the way you did before.

“For a seed to achieve its greatest expression, it must come completely undone. The shell cracks, its insides come out and everything changes. To someone who does not understand growth, it would look like complete destruction.” Cynthia Occelli

How to know you are ready to embark on the Path of the Sacred Warrior?

There comes a time in every woman’s life where she is invited to embark upon the courageous path to Awaken to her inner Sacred Warrior. Each person’s experience is different in its own way, there are some common themes that may present themselves to let her know it is time for transformation. It may seem that these callings would happen during times she feels deeply connected to herself and totally ready for change, yet the actual impetus to walk the path most often presents itself at different times. Often choosing times of darkness and despair, of uncertainty and fear to reveal the courage to make needed changes. It is in these times that we are so desperate for change that something within us opens to receive
the deeper callings within us.

Are you ready to embrace the path of the Sacred Warrior?

Find out if you are in a place that is open to embracing all of who you are. Are you ready to make the needed changes to step into the strong courageous woman that you are? Take this quiz right now to see if the Path of the Sacred Warrior is for you.


Have you been having any of these symptoms lately?
Signs that your soul is inviting you to connect?
Is your inner critic leading your life?
Are you ready to become a sacred warrior?

Common Themes that show readiness for the sacred warrior path (signs of spiritual awakening)

  • An unusually difficult time in your life making you question your life path
  • Feelings of sadness, anxiety, panic attacks or deep emotions felt fully
  • An intense time that can feel dark and hopeless
  • Polarity of emotions ranging from euphoria to depression
  • Feeling lost and confused, memory problems or memory fog
  • Increase in intuition or psychic abilities
  • Rapid increase in synchronicity or the feeling that things are happening for a reason
  • Feeling disconnected from loved ones and maybe even yourself
  • Vivid dreams
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Major shifts in important relationships
  • Low energy
  • Possible physical health problems (vertigo, ringing in ears
  • A strong feeling that something needs to change in your life
  • Find yourself drawn to personal development and inspiration
  • Talking more to yourself more or prayer

How does a sacred warrior woman deal with the challenges life presents her with? Confidence, courage, creativity, Compassion, connection

A sacred Warrior woman knows her true worth and yields power from the depths of her innermost wisdom.

On her journey she must discover her true nature, uncovering who she really is. Letting go of the walls and armour that no longer serve to protect her. Her spirit is brave and fierce, compassionate and loving.

A Sacred Warrior in training learns to shine light onto the many parts of herself that have been hidden away.

These shadowed aspects have become ghosts that haunt her in her everyday living, creating needless pain and suffering. Looking into herself she receives abundant support from goddess energy and the divine feminine. In order to be free a Sacred Warrior must stand face to face with the exiled parts of herself, finding ways to listen and bring them to the surface to be healed.

As she peers inward a sacred warrior’s inner critic is quickly revealed, it manages and controls her everyday behaviours.

She sees the damage it is creating and knows that it cannot continue to lead her in its unhealthy ways. She is committed to living her most desired life but unsure of how to get there. The pain from its relentless criticism and judgement has become intolerable. She senses that she must create a new relationship with her inner critic, trusting that she will be provided with the steps needed to move forward. A sacred warrior knows that she must take the necessary steps to create change in her life. She understands that change takes time and commitment, it most often happens by taking one step at a time, slowly moving towards her goal. The first step on her journey involves stepping back and seeing the critical part as separate from who she is, a part of her multifaceted being that needs tending to in order to become transformed.

As adults, when we have a harsh inner critic, that does not trust and accept us, our ideas, opinions, and feelings it means that somewhere within us the safety needed for healing to happen has been shut down. In order for safety to be restored to your internal system, you need be able to develop a different relationship with your inner critic. Let me assure you it is not only possible to change your relationship with the inner critic, it is essential to do so, in order to stop being controlled and manipulated by it. Neuroscience has shown us the power our brains have to rewire and create new neural pathways for learning and reacting to our environment, we just need the right ingredients to listen to the sacred warrior way.

Want to know more? Try our free three-day course!


  • Love and honour yourself as a sacred  being
  • Bringing the depths to the surface
  • Get to know self through myth and mystery

Shadow work Questions

  • Live the life you desire by removing obstacles
  • Communicating with their body’s wisdom to have more access to intuition
  • Connecting to creativity
  • Feel at home with yourself-Trust your intuition-love your body and receive its guidance-True self love-become more loving with yourself and in your relationships
  • Get to know self through myth and mystery
  • Love and honour your body