From wallflower to wildflower: Sophie Brunet

I went from being mute in school, to now singing on stage, facilitating healing groups, and presenting in front of large audiences.

I was not able to digest food – a life threatening condition (perhaps I could not digest the conditions of my life) to now savouring the delicious feast life offers.

Transformation continues to guide my life, and today I stand strong, confident and am able offer deep loving support, all because I continue to follow my bliss and commitment to healing.

Growing up, I learnt a great deal from my father who was a marital psychotherapist with an esoteric leaning and my mother who was deeply into Jung. Being steeped in this powerful work from a young age inspired me to immerse in various training surrounding spirituality, family and couples dynamics, and art therapy. Recently I completed the Bader-Pearson Developmental Model of Couples Therapy.

You might say being a healer is in my ancestral lineage, a calling I have listened to.

Fascinated by mind/body/soul alternative healing, the work of Louise Hay, Carolyn Myss and Gabor Mate have impressed upon me that we are all multi-faceted beings with infinite potential. Another inspirational and wise woman, my mother, guided my belief about change when as a child she glued above my bed; “World Peace begins with Inner Peace.”

Ever since I could hold a pencil, art has been my faithful companion. Passionate about both art and psychology, I studied art therapy. This process proved powerful, resulting in vibrant health in myself and inspiring healing in others. 

My clients appreciate my calm and non- judgmental presence that creates a safe space for them to easily confide their deepest secrets with me. Offering you room to uncover your own truth and insight, we co-create sessions with established trust.

Working with me you’ll be inspired, and lovingly challenged to heal old thoughts and belief patterns that are keeping you stuck. Focusing my loving energy beyond talk therapy, with using my training and tools, I’m able to find the best solution to serve your needs.    

How I can support you:

Art Therapy: Ideal for children and adults alike, there is no experience needed. Art therapy expresses what words cannot say, offering connection to our deeper self. Through my extensive training and personal use of art, I’m able support you to find your own personal messages and meaning. It promotes emotional intelligence and connects the creativity/right brain with the logical linear world of the left brain that many people reside more in.

Relationships and Intimacy Coaching and Counselling: With a keen ability to see dynamics and bring light to patterns and issues I can help you resolve them from a unique perspective. Optional for deeper awareness and partner work; breath exercises, mindfulness, sensual embodiment (or body work/massage).

This work is great for single people to explore their relationship with self (The inner masculine and feminine, archetypes, self-love) as well as those seeking partnership and those who are within partnership. Lovers find a fresh perspective, ease in communicating with each other, more openness and heart connection which fuels desire, delicious intimacy and offers potential for a sacred partnership.

I offer Intuitive Massage as an option in my counselling treatment, and on its own. This adds the benefit of physical, emotional and spiritual depth and comfort, realigning your body back to its natural state. With an ability to read the body and give what is needed, through acupressure, shiatsu, lomi lomi or gentle touch, I offer guidance, occasionally using spoken affirmations for self esteem.

Why Is healing touch helpful in counselling?

Healing touch is able to reset negative beliefs into positive beliefs. Using massage with intention in the context of counselling in my practice has resolved symptoms of premature menopause, anxiety, depression and body insecurities, sometimes allowing people to feel safe in their body for the first time. If this is something you are interested in please let me know and we will explore how to safely support you in your therapeutic journey.

“Connect with me today so we can release fears and manifest your full potential in life.”

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