A happy and healthy relationship is a life goal for many people, but this is not a simple endeavor for most people. In the media, the most important factors in determining the success of a relationship are romance and sexual chemistry, and therefore, being attracted to and being desired by your partner are a huge part of what people look for in relationships. Of course, the desire to want your partner and to be wanted by your partner makes sense, and it is important; however, while this may be enough to initially spark a relationship, sustaining it over time requires much more. While relationships all have ups and downs, each and every individual person has ups and downs; if you feel unhappy in a relationship, it’s important to consider whether or not it is really right for you. This is why it is so important to communicate with your partner: so that you can be on the same page and understand the cause of dissatisfaction and hopefully address it.

Happy and healthy relationships are characterized by good communication. In this blog, we will go over some more specific signs that a relationship is happy and healthy.

You Tell Each Other How You Really Feel

In a healthy relationship, both partners feel free to express themselves honestly and openly. There is no topic that is off-limits, and you feel comfortable just speaking from your heart. You both feel as if the other really hears them, and you are always communicating about your feelings and thoughts. This is vital to a lasting, healthy relationship.

You Are Independent

You share a life and you love each other, but that doesn’t mean you spend every waking moment together. It’s important for a healthy relationship to be composed of two individuals who have their own friendships and interests. This will stop your relationship from becoming co-dependent and keep you growing as individuals, as well as within your relationship.

You’re On the Same Page

In a healthy relationship, both partners are on the same page in terms of what they want out of life and their values. You know what you’re striving for together, and you are both committed to making your goals a reality.

You Enjoy Your Time Together

When your relationship is happy and healthy, you have fun with your partner. You laugh together, enjoy spending time together, and even the little moments make you smile. This doesn’t mean that you don’t sometimes get on each other’s nerves, but that in general, you are happy when you are with them and they make your life better just by being around.

You Like Each Other For Who You Are Today

When you enter into a relationship with someone, you cannot base it on the hope that they will change; chances are, no earth-shattering changes to their personality, values, wealth, or physical appearance are going to occur. In a healthy relationship, both partners accept the other for who they are not, not who they hope their partner will become one day. You like each other right now, today, not the projection of who you might be tomorrow.

You Decide Things Together

From major life-changing decisions to picking a movie to watch, the choices you make that impact you both should be made together. No one person calls all the shots; instead, you discuss, listen to each other, and compromise when necessary.

You Trust Each Other

The foundation of a healthy relationship is trust. You don’t keep secrets from one another, and you feel comfortable and secure in the relationship. You know your partner is not hiding anything from you, and you are equally as open with them.

You’re a Team

When you’re in a healthy relationship, you work together towards a common goal, which is to make each other’s lives easier. Sometimes, your partner may need to work later hours, which means you will have to pick up slack with household chores. Other times, you may have to care for a sick relative, which means your partner will have to take care of the cooking and cleaning. While life may shift the balance, in the long run, both of you are contributing to the team equally.

You Are Intimate

Intimacy is about more than what happens in the bedroom. While sex may make you feel more intimate with your partner, it is also important that you are bonded by familiarity and friendship as well. You feel connected, and not just sexually.

Sometimes, due to extenuating circumstances, a once-happy relationship takes a turn for the worse. When this happens, it’s important that both partners are willing to work out their problems. If you have recently been unhappy in your relationship, a marriage counsellor may be able to help guide you and give you the tools necessary to communicate effectively with your partner. If you need a marriage counsellor in British Columbia, Wisdom from Within Counselling is here for you. Contact us today to schedule a session.