Holistic Counsellor  

Wisdom From Within: Holistic Counselling Centre is thrilled to be expanding our dynamic duo team to create a force of nature trio. We’re looking for a unique and passionate addition to our cozy team that will complement our blend of masters trained therapists who embody a spiritual, loving, compassionate and mindful approach.

If you’re inspired by what you do and feel it more as a life calling than a career we might be the right fit. Being able to laugh along the way is a must, with goofy silliness, authentic realness, being connected to your truth and living it, and embracing making mistakes.  

Are YOU Who We’re Looking For?

  • Are you a counsellor with a Master’s Degree in a counselling related field who is able to become professionally registered and insured (if you are not already)?
  • Do you have passion and experience working with women and couples from a holistic perspective, within a sacred and homelike private practice environment?
  • Are you creative in your work using meditation, visualization, dance, archetypes, art, rituals, yoga, ceremonies and/or other creative practices that support people back into connection with their body and soul, while also able to utilize modern scientific research based therapies?
  • Do you have experience running groups or circles for women who are looking for spiritual tools for awakening?
  • Are you able to create great rapport with people easily and confidently over the phone as well as in person?
  • Do you love what you do and feel honoured and inspired to support people on a deep level that creates powerful, authentic healing and self-acceptance?
  • Are you ready to expand yourself, learn, and be open to transformation from this powerful opportunity?  
  • Do you desire to make our planet a better place step by step?  

What You Need to Know

This wonderful opportunity will begin as a part-time position, gradually extending into two or three full days a week (approximately 5 clients per day). It’s best suited for someone who is comfortable starting slow (with a few clients to begin with), but who is eager to build a part-time practice within a few months.

If you are passionate and willing to invest some hours into self-promotion is it a major bonus and will build your practice quicker.

Preference will be given to those who are able to self-promote and make connections with other wellness professionals in the area. Guidance and support will be offered.


Key Responsibilities

  • Providing counselling to individuals (mostly women and some men) and couples (opportunity to do in-depth, longer sessions if desired)
  • Initial Consultation, Assessments and treatment plans
  • Setting appointments
  • Facilitating Women’s empowerment (Sacred Feminine) circles and/or yoga, meditation, chakra alignment or dances  
  • Collecting fees in a timely manner
  • Creating and maintaining files
  • Attending scheduled supervision sessions
  • Ensuring appropriate self-care practices so that you are well taken care of (This is the most important part☺)


Our Must Haves

Because Wisdom From Within: Holistic Counselling Centre strives to offer the highest quality of therapy and healing, the ideal candidate must possess:

  • A Masters Degree or higher in a counselling related field.
  • Registration with a professional counselling registration board, such as RCC or RMFT, or others that are approved.
  • Their own liability insurance through a private practice insurance company.
  • At least five years of direct counselling experience (or have some really amazing natural abilities).
  • Must be willing to work weekends and/or evenings.
  • Extensive knowledge and experience working in the areas of; trauma, mental health, relationships, perfectionism, eating disorders, addictions, and self-esteem issues.
  • Knowledge about family systems therapy and how to use it in practice.
  • The ability to build and maintain healthy and strong relationships, providing therapeutic healing and guidance and services to a wide variety of clients, particularly within the above-mentioned specialities.
  • A strong self-care practice that is grounding, centering and connected to honouring the present moment.  


What is Offered to You

  • Amazing clients are provided for you
  • A beautifully decorated healing office space in Crescent Beach that offers a relaxed environment for deep healing.
  • Monthly team supervision meetings and individual supervision on as needed basis.
  • Support outside of supervision when needed.
  • A biography on the website.
  • Wonderful opportunities to facilitate woman’s awakening circles.
  • Being a part of an amazing team of authentic and dedicated healers who honour your wisdom and knowledge.    

A Little About US

Our Mission

To heal, transform and support women through their expansion, moving beyond fear so they can gracefully step into a radiant life of their creation.

Our Vision

Connecting women back home to the ancient rhythms, sacred cycles and innate wisdom within our bodies, we nurture soulful, open-hearted living. By courageously honouring every part of ourselves, we shine a light on what has become disowned and lovingly restore inner balance, uniting us with our entire being. From a place of inner acceptance, we positively affect the flow of everything that surrounds us, nourishing our relationship with sacred harmony.

Our Core Values

We believe in an approach as unique as you are. Through compassion and deep healing, we honour each journey using a feminine embodied approach to healing. We believe that sacred wisdom lies within all of us, but sometimes we just need to let go of the mind’s knowledge and come back into our body for guidance

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If you said a BIG YES to the above we would love to connect. In your cover letter please include a little about your philosophy and values as a therapist. What motivates you to do the work you do? What visions and dreams are calling you for the next few years?

*Send resumes and cover letters to tanyaannejohnson@gmail.com  *IMPORTANT* Please respond on or before Dec 3rd, 2017.*    

I want you to know your true worth. To feel your beauty and stand strong in your power. I want you to love your body, honour your space, your unique rhythms and your time. To know what incredible offerings you bring to this planet simply by being you. I want to help you to tell your story, to reshape and realize a new, improved vision of a life well lived.   

Love, Tanya

We Look Forward to Hearing From You.