Within all of us is all of the knowledge, power, and intelligence we need to live our lives wholeheartedly. Yet many of us fail to ever become in-tune with who we truly are, never letting our subconscious guide our lives and instead making decisions based on our egos. Once you learn to tap into your subconscious, you can take control of your destiny. There is an abundance of opportunities for you in your life, from your family and relationships to your finances and professional life. Once you harness the power of your innermost self, there is nothing you can’t do.


Meditation has so many potential benefits to your body and mind. Many think of meditation as simply doing nothing, but there is so much more to it than that. With meditation, you quiet the elements around you that distract you from listening to your true self. Not only does meditation give you greater energy, enabling you to pursue your desires more fervently, it also allows you to discover what those desires truly are. When you meditate, your conscious and subconscious minds merge as one. You are able to focus on the present moment, which gives your innermost self the opportunity to tell you what it truly wants. Incorporate meditation into your daily routine, whether you can spare an hour or only ten minutes, and reach into the power of your subconscious.

Meditation Tips

Find a comfortable and quiet place to meditate. Many people like to create meditation corners, in which they can meditate daily in a safe space that automatically conditions them to reach a meditative space. Choose a place where you will not be interrupted.
Find a comfortable position so you won’t be distracted by being uncomfortable.
Focus your attention on something, like your breathing, a guided meditation CD, calming music, or a particular mantra.
If you find thoughts coming to the surface that distract you from mediation, allow them to pass by and refocus your energy on your meditation.
The more you meditate, the easier it is, so make sure to practice often to reap the benefits!

Use visualization

You can achieve any goal with the power of visualization. As you meditate and become more intimately familiar with your inner self, you will have a better and better idea of what you want out of life. Create a vivid vision for who you want to be and what you want your future to hold. Every day, hold this vision in your heart. In your mind, weave a brilliant tapestry of your destiny and revisit this place on a daily basis.

Listen to your intuition

You have heard your intuition before: it has told you not to trust someone who later proved to be untrustworthy. It has told you not to do something because it would put you at risk. Your intuition is your friend, but many of us learn to tune it out. Listen to them instead. When you have a gut feeling, pause for a moment and think about where your intuition is guiding you. Your intuition is your innermost self showing you where you need to pay attention; listen to it.

Tune out distractions

Many of us lose touch with our innermost selves simply because of the way the modern world is filled with constant stimuli. When you are not using them, turn off the television or radio to remove excess noise from your world. This will allow you to appreciate silence more, and hear the thoughts that come to you when you don’t find yourself surrounded by distractions.

Keep a dream journal

Our subconscious speaks to us in dreams. One way you can become more in-tune with it is by keeping track of your dreams. When you wake up in the morning, spend a few minutes jotting down your dreams from the night before. Soon, you can read back over them and have more awareness of what you really desire. Not only that, the more you keep a dream journal, the better you remember your dreams, and the more likely you are to have them.

Be kind to yourself

Many of us have scared our innermost selves into hiding with constant negative self-talk. The harder you are on yourself, the less likely you are to truly understand yourself. Break past the barrier of negativity and self-doubt and be kinder to yourself. When you catch yourself saying negative things about and to yourself, change what you have to say. Flip your words on their heads and say something kind instead. Your subconscious will reward you by granting you greater access to your innermost desires.

Try holistic therapy

Sometimes, being kind to ourselves is easier said than done. Whatever trauma from the past is hurting you, help from a mental health counsellor can transform your life. Holistic therapy encompasses not just the science of mental health, but an element of spirituality that comforts and enlightens our clients. If you are interested in holistic therapy, contact Wisdom from Within Counselling in Surrey today.