Come away with me love, as the wind softly dances your hair. Beholding the expansive dawning sky, you catch a glimpse of your untethered soul in the wonderment of colors unfolding. Possibility ignites you to awaken from an unlived life. Connection to your soul delights in being reveled.

The tide brings with her an opportunity to follow the depths of your deep oceanic being.  The moon calls you to listen to her magic and order. You sense that your water body desires to become her disciple. Feeling her pull your inner tides back home to you. You look up in reverence, she smiles back at you as if to say, “Here I am lighting up the sky for you, yes there is darkness but I am here to light you, to be with you through it all.”

Come away with me, away from the lies you are being told about who you are. Away from the distractions and manipulations that keep you in a false world. For they have blinded you to your true beauty and strength. They have distanced you from your inner resilience. And that is not ok. The world needs you to see your inner goddess, for you to come into your power and touch us with your unique offerings. The world needs you now. There is no one, but you who can ever bring the special gifts you have to offer into existence.

Step away from the sleepy world that distracts you from your inherited radiance. Away from the gritty internal storms that keep you playing small. It’s time to uncover the beauty inside of your destiny. Like a seed, it is contained within you, longing to be activated.

Walk with me for a moment in the wild vulnerability of your being, where your soul longs for you touch into. Together let us uncover where your true nature resides. Let us move through and face your fears of not being enough, not doing enough, not having enough. Make a pilgrimage to follow the path of your dreams because your dreams are a compass, they are guiding you to where you need to be at any given moment. But you need to stop, to find the faith to listen. Because not listening only brings pain and heartache.

I journey with people who are on a spiritual pilgrimage to discover the expansive vastness within themselves. Often it is our most difficult moments in life that push us to seek more about ourselves, in efforts to lessen the pain and heartache these things often invoke. When we can no longer bear to live how we have been living. Depression, anxiety, relationships challenges, the death of loved ones, addictions, eating disorders are all manifestations calling us into a deeper relationship with ourselves.

May you find comfort in the polarities that exist within you. Welcoming the paradoxes of what makes you human. Feral and free, light and dark, polarities dancing in the fecundity of your creative spirit. Together let us lovingly discover who you are, all of the things that motivate you. Every last bit of the messy pieces that make you whole. Together we will give thanks to the moon for he is the portal to uncovering your greatest mystery, opening light to the darkness surrounding.