hWorking with teen girls and young women is at the heart of Wisdom From Within.

As girls are growing up, becoming their own person, there are many things that can interfere with the process of becoming a woman. Through research, we now understand that the teenage brain is still developing and growing. This consideration is essential in effective therapy.

Teen girls and young women face intense pressures to look and act certain ways from their peer groups, family, and the media, which often leaves them feeling unworthy and not good enough. They begin their quest for perfection, disconnecting from their truly unique inspirational selves.

Sessions with teens and young adults are typically fifty minutes. When we have family meetings they are typically an hour and twenty minutes. Family meetings are often split up among different members of the family group.

In our counselling with teenage girls and young woman, it is often important to have family sessions, alongside individual sessions.
Working with the family can speed up recovery time.

Tanya has a great deal of experience and speciality working with teens & young adults. She understands the importance of creating a safe and trusting connection because without this teens & young women will not feel safe to share.


  • To practice self-compassion
  • Asking questions that move people to a place of curiosity rather them self-criticism when they reflect
  • Heal the effects form painful childhood
  • Greater sense of confidence

Heal relationship with inner-child

The therapeutic approach in working with teen girls and young adult women involves meeting with them to get a sense of what they would like to change.

During the first few sessions we find out about their circle of friends, who they trust and talk to, and what it is that they would like to work on, so that we can develop an understanding of what is bringing them into therapy and how to best work with them to help them meet their goals. Information about family life, relationships, strengths, resources, and current patterns is collected.

To ensure that a trusting and safe relationship is created we assure them that what they share in session will be kept confidential, even from their parents, unless they are in danger of being hurt or hurting someone else. After this, we share our observations and begin addressing presenting issues.

When there are issues affecting the family, more family sessions may need to be included.

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