Families are multi-dimensional and complex. Today there are many different family compositions alongside the traditional family. Each with its unique set of challenges. Family counselling can involve the whole family or various parts of the family, depending on their current needs and who is able to attend sessions.

Typically the members who plan to participate in counselling will meet together with one of us for the first therapy session to talk about goals for therapy. Other times we meet with parents’ first, and then introduce the children into the therapeutic process in later sessions. Sometimes crisis events bring families into counselling, and during these times we arrange together who will come to the first session. Family therapy sessions typically last one hour and twenty minutes.


  • Transform pain into gifts

What You Can Expect

The therapeutic process for family counselling varies, but in all cases it is important for us to establish rapport with each family member involved, carving a space for each person to have a voice. Usually in families some people will feel more comfortable talking, while others feel more comfortable listening. It is important though that each perspective is offered, heard and respected. We work with families to find out what is important to them as a whole, and individually.

During the first few sessions we ask questions and observe the dynamics between family members so that we are able to develop an understanding of what is bringing them into therapy, and how we can best work with them. During this time, information about family life, relationships, strengths, resources and current patterns is collected. After this, observations are shared and we will begin to address presenting issues.