Relationships are Worth Saving

Many of us long to be in loving partnership but feel lost trying to get there.

Couple relationships are perhaps the most complex; they have the potential to develop into deep lasting love which can aid us in healing ourselves, but when relationships are not healthy, their complex nature can create detrimental challenges, resentment, and distance within the partnership.

With specialized training in couples and marriage therapy, Tanya and her associates can help guide your relationship back into a healthy state.

How Wisdom From Within Helps

In a relationship, parts of us can remain stuck, making it hard for us to open up to what is possible.

Closing ourselves off, we become defensive, feel hurt and betrayed, and continue to live with this pain, which only makes us become more closed, triggering a vicious cycle.

Other times in relationships, we find ourselves becoming desperate to fix things, and as we notice our partner shutting down, we overcompensate by trying to draw them closer to us. This can be both draining and damaging to relationships without you being aware of the damage you are causing, leading you to feel isolated, not knowing how to fix things.

Many times, we feel like something is missing in our relationships, but we cannot identify what that missing piece is or how to get it back.

Have you ever experienced this?

Trust and safety are the building blocks of relationships, and without them, we risk being vulnerable. At Wisdom From Within, we work with couples to help identify unhealthy patterns to begin positive change and find happiness again.

Helping couples move through their difficulties into places of expressing deep love, passion, and friendship, we tailor our therapeutic approach to suit your particular needs.


  • To get to know what helps them to calm down and relax
  • Creating harmonious relationships between loved ones
  • Feel more connected to your sensual and sexual nature
  • Safer and more able to express needs in intimate relationships
  • Feel more supported and cared for

What You Can Expect

When you first begin your journey with Wisdom From Within, we will meet with you and your partner for a few sessions so we can develop an understanding of what is bringing you into therapy and what is going to be the most effective way to work with you.

During the first few counselling sessions, information about your relationship and the family you grew up in is collected through asking you intimate questions.

We will also explore your relationship patterns including communication, how conflict is dealt with, how conflict is healed, the ways you each express love, and more.

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