1. Yoga for Anxiety and Relaxation

    Anxiety is a common issue for many people and it can be a crippling problem that can affect all areas of life. Finding excellent and alternative ways to reduce and help your anxiety is important, especially practices that you can complete on your own. Did you know that yoga is an incredible anti-anx…Read More

  2. How to Tap Into Your Innermost Self

    Within all of us is all of the knowledge, power, and intelligence we need to live our lives wholeheartedly. Yet many of us fail to ever become in-tune with who we truly are, never letting our subconscious guide our lives and instead making decisions based on our egos. Once you learn to tap into your…Read More

  3. Do I Have Depression?

    Lately, you haven’t been feeling like yourself. You feel tired all the time, and what were once simple decisions now feel impossible to make. You find it difficult to be interested in pretty much anything, even things you once loved to do. You feel worthless, and you find yourself getting annoyed …Read More