Finally reclaim your power and embody the life you’re destined for

We get it – the pain you’re facing now can feel unbearable like you’re being tested to your core.

Everything you thought you knew is being called into question.

Your busy mind keeps you awake at night, leaving you with a feeling like there has to be more to life.

Your big dreams have fallen.

You’re retreating into familiar unhealthy habits and addictions, disconnecting from loved ones.

You know these ways of dealing aren’t helping, but you’re stuck and see no way out.

We support soulful women like you, to grab ahold of your divine superpowers, wake up to your incredible nature and transform our planet.

Our mission is to support your healing.

To help you achieve your dreams.

To rise above and soar, so that you can consciously step into the most incredible version of yourself.

We believe there’s so much more going on behind the pain, fears and critical self-talk you’ve been facing – in fact, we’re here to help you to harness the power within, so you can awaken the radiant woman inside.

Your voyage to wellness is as unique as you are.

We’re excited to work with you to create a healing pathway that truly honours your needs.

Championing a powerful gateway for your journey, we lovingly create sacred space, fostering intimate trust and safety, so that you feel deeply supported, as you explore and heal what’s holding you back from fully embracing your true self.

Healing your root fears and core wounds naturally opens space for you to discover and embody what makes you uniquely special.

As you uncover your exceptional strengths and rich inner resources, hidden underneath you’ll find a deep appreciation for how all of your past experiences have molded you into the incredible woman you are today. And how it has all unfolded as it needed to, to bring you to this point.

A woman’s spiritual journey can’t be rationally figured out, instead, it needs to be felt – it’s messy, paradoxical and embodied.

Full of contradictions, complexity, and stories waiting to be told. It needs space to unfold, to be stepped into the curious and infinite possibility.

It’s about letting go of perfection and becoming whole.

Letting go of who we think we are so we can embrace our bodies as sacred temples of wisdom and learn to trust our intuitive gut nature, as we come to embody the power and pleasure behind following our own sacred cycles.

We’re here to remind you that the powerful storm you are facing right now dear one, is the path of the sacred feminine calling you back home to your own wild and luminous nature. She has come to set you free, to awaken the force of your soul’s calling.

“As you awaken the path of the sacred feminine with patience and presence your soul begins to unfold. Deep breaths, warm smiles, and open heart connections, you radiate beauty, love and possibility.” Tanya

As YOU embark on this Epic Soulful Journey you’ll experience…

Profound transformation of your inner world, moving your thoughts away from critical worry into radical self-acceptance, grounding you in the confidence to take action in your life from a place of personal power and inner resilience.

Inner freedom from healing past wounds, creating space for you to daringly step into your strength and vulnerability, moving away from self-sabotage welcoming genuine support and connection in your most meaningful relationships.
Incredible pleasure as you connect with your body as a sacred vessel, wisdom keeper and pleasure centre, instead of criticizing, comparing and constantly trying to change, connecting with your own amazing ways of knowing the truth.

Remarkable self-confidence allowing you to easily make your best decisions, letting go of the perfectionism that keeps you playing small, opening you to the extraordinary possibility that awaits your life.

Deep courage to befriend your disowned emotions, so that you can lovingly restore your inner balance and feel nourished and energized, finding compassionate love for yourself, allowing a greater capacity to live more fully in the present moment.

At WFW we offer the awakening woman:

  • Individual and relationship counselling
  • Mentorship
  • Soul connection sessions
  • Moon dance journeys
  • Rituals
  • Healing ceremonies
  • Extraordinary workshops
  • Retreats
  • Reconnecting woman to themselves

As women, we must heal ourselves, in our relationships with our sisters and our partners, so that we can become the unstoppable forces of nature we’re meant to be.

The world is a better place because you’re part of it, and now it’s time the world knows you fully.

Together we rise.