Soul Sister Spotlight: Tanya JohnsonTanya Johnson

At one time, my inner critic led my world. Dictating everything from the way I dressed and what I ate, to what I thought about myself and how I related to others in all of my relationships. I could not make decisions for fear of making the wrong one. I faced eating disorders, social anxiety, and perfectionism, but worst of all, I felt disconnected from myself and my life vision.

After years of being led by my inner critic, it left me with constant insecurity, fear, depression and desperate for change. I was burnt out, tired all the time, and my health was suffering. Have you ever felt this way?

After deciding to take time off and focus on truly changing my relationship with myself, I found a positive, supportive therapist and began a journey of a spiritual transformation.

Coming from a place of self-doubt and fear to one of trust, compassion, and self-love, hiring the right person to help me change everything.

Within this journey I was able to discover my innate wisdom, allowing me to become completely present and enjoy life to its fullest potential.

During this time, I discovered my true passion as a woman is to support you, my sister.

I want you to understand that with the right people on your side, change truly is possible.

As soon as you free your inner critic, the doors to living your dream life open up.

Tanya compassionately supports families, couples, women, and teens as a specially trained relationship therapist.

Areas of practice include anxiety and depression, perfectionism, people-pleasing, low self-esteem, trauma, and relationships.

Trusting that we all have the ability to heal when given the right tools and conditions, Tanya sees her role as a counsellor and relationship therapist to support her clients to safely uncover and facilitate the innate restorative process.

Passionate about people, relationships, and creative learning, Tanya encourages a holistic and resourceful approach to counselling.

She is dedicated to helping clients connect with their body’s wisdom, heal emotional wounds, gain insight, self-awareness, and self-acceptance. As the founder of Wisdom From Within Holistic Wellness Centre, Tanya brings more than 15 years of mindful therapeutic experience, workshop facilitation, supervision, and exceptional community care.

“Connect with me today so we can work together to free you from the negativity that plagues you and blocks you from your true happiness.”

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