Meet Natalie Mezo, MA, CCC

Natalie’s own path to healing came with her commitment of practicing yoga, meditation, and somatic counselling as a way to shed layers of personal trauma and get deeper in touch with her own gifts as a healer and multidisciplinary therapist.

From a very young age, Natalie’s breadth of trauma and challenging life experiences have shaped her into a caring and warm therapist. Sensitive and with the ability to offer a safe space for her clients, Natalie always finds herself listening to individuals uncovering their deepest secrets, fears, and life experiences. Always curious about human nature, Natalie is a Masters-level trained therapist, trauma-sensitive yoga instructor, Reiki energy healer, and pet-assisted therapist.

Natalie acknowledges everyone’s unique path to healing and wellness. She offers individually crafted sessions for individuals seeking counselling with the option to incorporate physical and energetic healing by including yoga, meditation, Reiki, and pet-assisted work in the process. She also offers specialized training in Somatic experiencing, encouraging individuals to tap into their stories on a cellular level, allowing for deeper physical, emotional and mental healing and release to take place.

Natalie’s curious, open and warm approach allows for healing at a deep level. The therapeutic relationship between her and her clients unfolds effortlessly in a way to support mind body and soul on its path to love, happiness, greater success and a sense of truly feeling alive. Natalie also offers group work that nurtures our need to heal in connection to others, in an environment where the light within can be shared, honoured and supported.

“Connect with me today so we can begin a journey of healing and wellness.”