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Whatever pain and heart ache you are facing, whatever deep secrets you are holding close to your heart, I want you to know that it is possible to move through to the other side with the support of someone who is deeply present and accepting of your experience.   

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Wisdom From Within

We are masters trained registered counsellors, utilizing scientifically proven therapies. But most importantly, we create a safe space for our clients to heal and grow. We offer a mind, body, emotional and spiritual approach to healing that honors each individual's whole being.

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Serving women, couples, and families for years, Wisdom From Within provides personalized therapy,working towards personal change. Our goal is to help you take your first steps to live the life you desire.

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Offering individual and relational counseling and therapy services, we take a holistic approach to exploring your entire well-being, influencing your journey towards wellness. Book your free 20-minute consult today.

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Our compassionate, skilled, registered counselors infuse creativity and mindfulness, with traditional evidence-based therapy techniques to help you and your loved ones heal. Grow and flourish with our services.

How We Help

IMAGINE IF you could…

  • Release the pain and walls inside you, so you can live the life you desire.
  • Embrace and love yourself while connecting to your own inner wisdom.
  • Savor the moments of your life with appreciation, pleasure, and presence.
  • Make time for yourself to do the things you love and feel passionate about.
  • Feel safe to share yourself and be vulnerable in your intimate relationships.
  • Love and accept your body without feeling there’s anything to change

Offering You

Counseling and Therapy services
 Healing Ceremonies and rituals
Soul Connection Sessions
Therapeutic Dance Journeys
Sound Healing
Yoga Therapy
Women’s circles
Intimacy & Sensuality
Practices Groups and Workshops
Private Individual and Group retreats
Online Courses


WE CAN HELP you lovingly tend your inner world, so you can move into where you want to be It can be devastating living with unhealed pain, but learning to safely bridge the darkness with love and care invites your pain to transform, revealing gifts and strengths that are uniquely yours. 

OPENING TO SUPPORT is one of the most courageous things that we can do for ourselves. We all need to be witnessed and held in what we are experiencing to connect within. With our rare blend of integrated healing practices and compassionate counselling services we’re able to help you move towards the life you envision. As you welcome in genuine self-acceptance, the wild landscape of your being becomes free to live wholeheartedly. As we tend to and heal our inner world the outer expression of our lives naturally becomes more vibrant and satisfying.

There’s no shame in asking for help, taking the first step towards healing and change. You deserve to delight in your life. In my counselling practice in South Surrey, BC my amazing associate Natalie and I offer many ways for people to safely steep into themselves, so they are able to uncover their wisdom from within.  Get in touch with us today for a free consultation to discuss how we can support you to live your best possible life. 

– Non-judgement, compassion, safety and loving presence are at the core of healing.
– We all have wisdom within us already to heal, we support people to access their own wisdom .
– Commitment to excellent therapeutic care that is individualized to our clients needs.
– Commitment to self care for ourselves and out clients.
– Raise the vibration of the world, empower and honor.
– Heal generational wounds, past, present and future.
– Support the world to be more loving, kind and caring: Begin Within.
– Help people to discover their amazing gifts so that they can be the change they want to see in the world.
– To create conscious community that supports and honors each other.
– To help people feel whole within themselves.
– To collaborate with like minded people to create massive positive change in our universe.
– Allowing and supporting liberation, beauty, radiance, love, sensuality, passion and deep creative embodiment.

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